How to solve or calibrate mouse Cursor Problem in Candy Crush Game

Fix your Mouse cursor problem in Candy Crush Game and Bejeweled Blitz game

If you discover that recently, you have a misalignment problem for your mouse cursor when you play Candy Crush Game or Bejeweled Blitz on your computer, you are not alone. This problem affects other flash-based games like Bejeweled as well and is an issue on Chrome.

How to solve or calibrate mouse Cursor Problem in Candy Crush Game

Identifying the symptoms

You will find that by pointing your mouse at the centre of the Candy Crush Game, you are in fact selecting the candy above or elsewhere.


It is believed that Adobe Flash is the cause of this cursor problem since other flash based games have this issue as well.


Meanwhile, while we wait for the latest update from Adobe Flash, some people have reported success by using the in-built flash plugin for Chrome browser...

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Candy Crush Game | Tips contributed by other Candy Crush lovers

More Candy Crush Game Tips!

This site was started as a simple past-time and with a humble intention to share my experience of playing Candy Crush Game with anyone who stumbled upon this site. Little did I realise that there would be so many fellow Candy Crushers out there looking for hints to help them improve their game as well.

When I first wrote the post, I was thinking that I would probably be the only one reading the post and refreshing myself on the candy crush tips and strategy when I am stuck on one of the levels.
I certainly did not expect my humble blog to reach a million views within 3 months of my first post on Candy Crush Game. Whether you are aged 6 or in your 90s, if you are reading this page, we are all united in our love for Candy Crush Game...
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Candy Crush Tips : How to deal with Tornados in Candy Crush Game

Tornadoes in Candy Game

If you have played beyond Level 410 in Candy Crush Game, you would be introduced to tornadoes.

Candy Crush Tips : How to deal with Tornados in Candy Crush Game

The tornadoes bring Candy Crush Game to new level of difficulty.

You do not have any control over the tornadoes and you have no idea which tiles it will hit next as it is totally random. Therefore, it is almost impossible to line up for any special Candy Crush Game moves as it could just be destroyed in the next move. To add insult to injury, the tornadoes not only destroy tiles by random, it also leaves the destroyed tile in destruction for one more move. Therefore, you are unable to use that particular damaged tile for one more move.

You cannot do anything to prevent the tornadoes from happening and it does not go away unlike real life tornadoes.

The only way to deal wi...

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Pink ribbon and +3 Extra Moves in Candy Crush Game

What is the pink ribbon and +3 Extra Moves in Candy Crush Game ?

An explanation to +3 moves boosters, pink bow, pink ribbon in Candy Crush Game

How to use the extra moves boosters from your friends

Extra moves given by your friends are specifically meant for that level only.
If you received extra moves from your friends for a level, you would see a pink ribbon before you start the game as one of the options of boosters for you to choose.
You may select it and your next Candy Crush Game for the same level will have 3 extra moves.
Take note : you must select it before you start the Candy Crush Game, you cannot select it in mid-game. The Extra Moves given to you for a particular level can only be used for that same level.

Pink ribbon and +3 Extra Moves in Candy Crush Game

How to select +3 Extra Moves in Candy Crush

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Candy Crush Game | Tips for Candy Crush Game Level 425

A guide to clearing Candy Crush Game Level 425

Tips and hints guide to clearing Level 425 of Candy Crush Game

This is one of the killer levels of Candy Crush Game.
Obviously so, in this level, there are multiple obstacles in your way -
  1. Time bombs
  2. Icing Cupcakes that need to be cleared to make way for more candies
  3. Huge number of blue candies order
  4. Wrapped & Stripped candies combo – wrapped candies are hard to come by
  5. Tornados to disrupt your Candy Crush Game

Hint Guide Strategy to Level 425

Clear the icing cupcakes as early as you can

From the onset, you should be clearing the icing cupcakes as soon as you can, so that you can reach the time bombs and clear them before they explode and end your game.

Have wrapped candies ready

It is handy to have wrapped candies ready, so along the way...
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Candy Crush Game | How to clear level 342 of Candy Crush Game

Level 342 of Candy Crush Game is the toughest level I have personally encountered so far (up to Level 380). Took me about a week to finally clear it. It requires some bit of luck and some strategy to give you the best chance of clearing it.

Candy Crush Game | How to clear level 342 of Candy Crush Game

Watching Youtube videos of people clearing the level make it seems like it is easy to clear. Unfortunately it is more difficult than it seems. Moreover, it is not that helpful a guide as the candy crush game layout on the game board is never the same for each candy crush game, even for the same level. There is no way you can duplicate their moves on your game board and clear your own game.

Having a strategy might help but even if you play to the strategy religiously, you still need some luck to help you clear it. Here are some tips to clear this level.

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Top 5 Ebook Tips & Tutorials Candy Crush Game – Download now!

Today I want to introduce with you about a few e-books on Amazon.E-books on Amazon will help you to pass fast level in Candy CrushGame. On Amazon have more e-books about Candy Crush Game, but this is e-books best of e-books that I known.

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Why Should You Read This Guide Before Playing Candy Crush Game?

Welcome to the world of candies! Pick your favorite candy, match it with other candies, and get your points! Though your scores are the first reward Candy Crush will give you, the ...

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Candy Crush Game – Another 10 killer help, hints, and guide to extra lives!


If you enjoyed our  you’ll love our second set of top ten winners! Here’s where we get into reshuffling your start, crushing even more candy, and… playing for eternity thanks to Facebook!

1 – Candy Crush Game – Reshuffle your candies without losing lives

Sometimes just by looking at a new level you know if you’ll be in for an easy or a hard time. Luckily, there’s a way to change that, and reshuffle a challenging level, without using up any of your lives. On your mobile device, open the level and then press the exit button before you make any moves...

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Candy Crush Game Guide: How to Beat Times Levels

Timed levels are a part of Candy Crush Game that a lot of people struggle with.. Me included! But if you follow a few simple guidelines you’ll pass them without too much stress!


LOOK…. Before you start to play take a few seconds to look around the board and see if there are any chances for stripes or wraps, or maybe even a colour bomb! Those few seconds at the start will pay off.

THINK…  Don’t just blindly switch anything you see! Try to work at the bottom if you can so you can take advantage of any cascades caused by your moves.

PLAN…. While you’re making one move be planning your next, keep looking all the time, don’t wait for the candies to stop moving before you look for another move. Try to anticipate where the candies will land and be ready as soon as they stop.

+5 Candies… Cand...

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Candy Crush Game : Top 10 Tips You Need to Know

Here to aid you all out there who have a hard time clearing out all those delicious sweets on those hard-as-nails stages. Here’s ten essential tips that you’ll need in order to make yourCandy Crush Game  journey a smooth one.

1. Candy Crush Game – Know When to Quit and Keep Your Wallets Full, But Cop A Lollipop Hammer If Duty Calls

Play Candy Crush Saga Online may be a free game in the sense of you not having to pay to download it, but you still have a throw in a few bucks for power up’s or add-on’s. Those power candies add +5 moves that could get you past some of the hardest levels in the Candy Crush Game will make you reach into your digital wallet and drop a few bucks on them…if you’re impatient.

Candy Crush Game : Top 10 Tips You Need to Know

Sometimes the use of these paid power up’s don’t guarantee that you’ll be finishing a ...

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