How to use Coconut Wheel Booster in Candy Crush Game

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Coconut Wheel Booster in Candy Crush Game

The candy crush game coconut wheel , or coconut ring, booster is a very powerful booster with many different uses. To use it you need to swap it with another candy. You can’t move it except by removing the candies underneath to make it drop. It can ONLY be swapped with a candy.. You can’t move it across ingredients or licorice.
The video below shows what happens when you swap the coconut wheel with a normal candy.

Candy Crush Game Video 1
Swapping the coconut wheel with “special” candies will give very different results!
The next video shows what happens if you swap the coconut ring with a striped candy.

Candy Crush Game Video 2
Different things happen with other special candies..
Swap a coconut wheel with a wrapped candy and you get a whole line of wrapped candies!

Candy Crush Game Video 3
At this time we don’t know what happens if you swap with a colour bomb as I haven’t managed to do that yet!
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